Personal Brain: The best digital organizational application on the market!

I deal with a ton of information on a daily basis and use many different systems and methodologies to manage, organize and access it. One of the biggest challenges I was faced with was an easy way to visualize that data and how to develop relationships between it and the many concepts and ideas I have swirling around in my head.

I have bookmarks for sites that I like to frequent, a file system where I store my files, a CMS for organizing my business process and workflow, but I needed a way to bring all that data together in an easy to view way that allowed me to tag ideas and concepts and the data related to those concepts. The product I found that provides this type of functionality is Personal Brain .

Personal Brain has changed the way I view and organize the information I use on a daily basis. I recommend its use to all my clients and those who have used it love it. They offer a free demo and I recommend eveyone to try it out.