Mac trojan poses as PDF to open botnet backdoor

As a Mac user we often feel a false sense of security due to the popular belief that there are no viruses or malware designed to penetrate the Mac OS. Well, there have been reports of virus and malware programs that are specifically designed to penetrate the Mac OS, so it's important to pay attention to how they are being spread and how they can affect your machine.

Please do not open PDF attachments sent to you by users you do not know. I realize this might prove difficult as the virus propagates it may send itself from an infected user's contacts appearing that the message is coming from someone you know. It is very difficult to counter this kind of threat.

Personal Brain: The best digital organizational application on the market!

I deal with a ton of information on a daily basis and use many different systems and methodologies to manage, organize and access it. One of the biggest challenges I was faced with was an easy way to visualize that data and how to develop relationships between it and the many concepts and ideas I have swirling around in my head.

I have bookmarks for sites that I like to frequent, a file system where I store my files, a CMS for organizing my business process and workflow, but I needed a way to bring all that data together in an easy to view way that allowed me to tag ideas and concepts and the data related to those concepts. The product I found that provides this type of functionality is Personal Brain .

Will your Snow Leopard Applications run under Lion?

It's a good idea to check that the core applications you intend to use after you upgrade to OSX Lion are compatable prior to upgrading. Otherwise you might experience OS lockups, crashes and unpredictable behavior.

Roaring Apps looks to have started to compile a fairly comprehensive database of applications and their status. Visit for the latest updates.

Roaring Apps

Can it be true? Apple is finally releasing a tablet?!

Stop the presses! eWeek reported today (July 31, 2009) that Apple plans on releasing a tablet notebook in either Q409 in time for Christmas or early in Q110. I for one am very excited at the prospect of an Apple tablet given their  pension for producing superior quality products. I for one will be an early adopter and look forward to the release! 


Update: I came accross an image of what users believe the Apple Tablet will look like. Runor has it the device will be based on the iPhone operating system with quite a bit additional features.


Here comes Windows 7, get ready for a fight!

The release of Windows 7 is right around the corner (October 2009) and if you are a Windows XP user you are in for a bit of a headache. The message coming out of Microsoft is that the move to Windows 7 will not be considered an upgrade from XP, but rather have to be a clean install. That means moving to Windows 7 will take a bit of legwork if you plan on staying on the same machine and moving straight from XP. Vista users won't have this problem since W7 can be considered a close cousin and is designed to accept W7 as a straight upgrade, and in a lot of cases a free one (Vista Ultimate Users). 

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