Why Should You Choose Us?

Golden Gate Technology Advisors has been crafting technology solutions and supporting clients since 2003. Through our expertise and industry knowledge, we strive to develop solutions tailored to meet our clients' current needs while also considering how the technology platform will adapt to future growth and change. Our primary goal is to ensure that clients stay focused on their core business while allowing technology to be productivity enhancing rather than distracting.

We all know how frustrating it is to have the conveniences of technology at our fingertips only to have it fail or prove dysfunctional on a regular basis. Many organizations simply lack vision, understanding and the ability to execute on a comprehensive IT strategy. This is, in essence, how I came to found Golden Gate Technology Advisors.

I have been successfully working with clients developing solutions that navigate the often confusing and expensive array of choices they are faced with when making technology-related decisions. The advent of SaaS based applications have provided more flexibility, but also far greater chance of error. Not all systems integrate well together, despite what the sales literature may indicate, and not all systems will affordably scale to meet your future needs. Developing an effective strategy is complicated by the pace at which the technology changes. Putting forward the most effective solutions eludes even the biggest users of technology.

My philosophy is to develop a sound strategy today that allows for growth and adaptation as needs grow and change. I understand that my clients wish to use technology to do business and do not wish to make technology their business.

James C. Cope